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Café del General

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Our Story

Cafe del General is a unique tasting coffee, harvested in the municipality of Ojojona, department of….

Café del General Finca Ojojona


Our coffee plantation is located in Ojojona and is 1,650 meters above ….

Café del General Finca Comayagua


Our coffee plantation is located in San Luis, Comayagua, and is 1200 meters above….

Coffee beans

cafe del general florece

A unique flavour!

un sabor único

Hand Picked!

Coffee and art!

Not only we strive to show the world that the Honduran coffee is one of the best in the world, but we also want to reflect Honduran art. On each of our four uniquely designed coffee bags, you will see a piece of art made exclusively for us by the Honduran artist Patty Dimo. Our coffees come as:

Whole bean medium roast.

Whole bean light roast.

Ground beans medium roast.

Ground beans light roast.

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